Alf Okello Rogol is the director of NorthMove. Born in north Uganda he has lived in the UK for over 30 years.  He now divides his time between the UK and Uganda.  He explains his vision for Northmove Safari.

The vision for NorthMove Safari is to promote the wonderful region of Northern Uganda as a world-class destination for Safari tours & investments. We want people to enjoy all the beauty that Uganda has to offer.

NorthMove is pioneering the way for sustainable private tourism in North Uganda. We are committed to providing prime sites for the Tourism industry and attracting interest to an increasingly important sector which will help to build the Ugandan economy.
Uganda still receives relatively few tourists from outside Africa compared with regional neighbours such as Kenya and Tanzania. Our vast wilderness and protected Safari National parks are important drivers for national economic growth.

If you are looking to settle long-term in north Uganda or you are looking for investments, land acquisition or a holiday with a splash of adventure then look no further.