Security and business loss solution

Safaritec specialises in providing leading expert consultancy, design and installation of business systems. We tailor make business solutions to meet your individual needs. Some of the systems we install can work as a standalone, integrated or networked system.

We offer consultancy in the following fields:

  • Business loss and fraud prevention
  • Training programmes
  • Security systems
  • Remote access technology

Our commitment to our customer is simple; we will provide unrivalled end to end loss prevention and security solutions, working tirelessly to ensure we react to our client’s individual requirements and requests.

Safaritec Security Services specialise in residential, personal and commercial electronic security solutions for public, private, national and international clients. Safaritec currently offers all customers a complete security system and solution specific to their business, home or property needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer and provide fully integrated advanced surveillance and monitoring security systems, comprising of solution consultation and design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring

Risk assessment

1.     Hazard

2.     Risk

3.     Initial rating

4.     Existing control

5.     Final rating

6.     Additional Action Required


SafariTec is the industry leader in providing solutions for every security application and can help you select the right products for your solutions.

  • CCTV surveillance solutions
  • Residential security
  • Business security
  • Personal security
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Farm / remote location
  • Remote control and access
  • Hospitality
  • Computer networks

Product and technology

  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Fire protection solution
  • Access control
  • Covert security systems
  • Door locking
  • Network infrastructure
  • Electronic and electrical wire and data cabling

Personal security

1-  Personal Alarm

2-   GPS tracker

3-   Evidence spray

4-   Paper spray

5-   Tactical torch

7-   Covert intrusion